One of our Anniversary Week Features (October 8-11, 2014) includes an amazing gift from Biologique Recherché with a purchase.  We are excited to have an event with the wonderful people from Biologique Recherché. If you’re a devotee, you won’t want to miss it….and if you’re not – this is the prefect time to try out this life changing line of facial care from Paris, France.

Exclusive Biologique Recherche & One 2 One Studio
Gift with Purchase Event

With every purchase of a 5 oz P50 and 5 oz Biologique Recherché Cleanser, receive a travel size P50W (1.7 oz) and Lait VIP02 (1 oz) in one of Biologique Recherché signature travel bags.* Retail value of gift is $45.

With every Biologique Recherché home care purchase of $400 and up, receive a deluxe Biologique Recherché gift containing an Eau Micellaire (100 ml), Renovateur 14 and Complexe Royal finishing serum duo (2 x 8ml), deluxe trials of Crème MSR-H, Crème Vernix, Masque VIP 02 and a Margaret Dabbs branded buffer file, all in one of Biologique Recherché’s signature travel bags. * Value of this gift is $180

Book a Biologique Recherché body treatment today, and receive a free Biologique Recherché massage glove in their new body care bag. Value: $40

*Only one Biologique Recherché gift per purchase. Cannot be combined with any offer.

ONE2ONE STUDIO is turning TWO!

To celebrate we have arranged for some fabulous events to take place for you,our amazing clients.
Wednesday October 8th thru Saturday October 11th,come in and enjoy your service with a glass of prosecco or wine,appetizers and indulge yourself in a free facial analysis with our on-hand experts from Biologique Recherche.Enjoy some very special gifts-with-purchase!
Thursday October 9th and Friday October 10th, AY jewels will be here for an exclusive trunk show of their high-end hand bags and clutches from MISELA.
Don’t have a service booked?Drop by anytime so we can raise a glass of thanks to YOU.
You’ve put the TWO in ONE2ONE.





one to one studio toronto

Last week, I was invited to experience a Margaret Dabbs pedicure. I had heard so much about Margaret from British beauty blogs, and her frequent mentions in Porter magazine, so I was really interested to see what made the products a cult favourite (not to mention Margaret is a celebrity favourite).

Margaret Dabbs is a chiropodist from London, and has pioneered the dry pedicure–there are no massage chairs with jet-powered basins here.

All of the products are made with Margaret’s signature ingredients of Emu Oil and Lemon Myrtle. Emu oil is a natural analgesic (anti-inflammatory and soothing like Advil) and the oil itself is actually closest to human’s natural oil composition, so it is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. It also contains vitamins A & E (skin repairer and antioxidants), Lineolic Acid (eases muscle and joint pain), Sapogens (skin softeners) and Terpines (antiseptics). Lemon Myrtle is used for its soothing properties and it’s clean scent.

My wonderful aesthetician Ellis began by filing my feet to remove all of the dry, dead skin (I had not been soaking my feet as wet skin masks the area that needs to be treated–Ellis pointed out the spots on my feet that would have been missed had they been wet). This was a really interesting way to start the pedicure as it was totally different than what I was used to.

After the filing and nail trimming, she shaped my nails with Margaret’s Crystal Nail File. The crystal creates a smoother finish and prevents any splitting or breaking of the nail.

Only once she was done pushing back my cuticles and prepping my nails did my feet hit the water. Ellis had filled a large bowl with the Hydrating Foot Soak (which can also be used in the bath). A small amount of the Exfoliating Foot Mousse was then massaged on to my feet to eliminate any remaining dead skin.

After being dried off, my feet were covered in the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil (which smells lovely and lemon-y) and followed up with the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (which can also be used as a body lotion). I’ve been applying the lotion nightly to my feet, and I have to say I am quite impressed–normally I am foot lotion-averse because I hate any greasy feeling on my feet, but this absorbs very quickly and is light and not greasy or oily in the least.

In the summers I am constantly being attacked by bugs at the cottage, and I was advised that the ingredients of the Lotion will actually keep the bugs away–I will definitely try this since even OFF! Deep Woods can’t keep my legs from getting 20 bug bites.

If you’re not one to splurge on monthly pedicures, investing in Margaret’s Foot File, Exfoliating Foot Mousse and Foot Lotion is a great way to keep your feet looking pretty and soft with minimal effort while feeling luxurious.



At One-One we know that it’s important to offer our clients all natural, non-toxic products when and where we can. From ammonia-free Nectaya hair colour by Goldwell, to petroleum-free lip gloss by Lippy, to bio-marine ingredients by Biologique Recherché we are proud to offer natural based beauty products from a wide range of high-end, professional companies. And in case you didn’t know that we offer these lines, make sure to ask your service provider all about them during your next visit.




When I was in Grade 11, my friend Joanna went on a 3-week exchange to Australia. When she returned, she walked into Biology class one day and thrust a little yellow packet that said ‘Vegemite’ in front of me and said ‘Have some! It tastes like chocolate!’. So, being the food obsessive that I am, I stuck a huge glob of it in my mouth and immediately felt like I was gonna hurl. Let me tell you–it did not taste like chocolate. 

For those of you in the know, Vegemite or Marmite is a dark brown paste made of leftover yeast extract. For some reason, British and Australian people love it, however, I find it absolutely revolting. The smell and taste are disgusting and strong. After tasting some, I was counting down the minutes until class was over so I could go home and brush my teeth 5 times and mouthwash. Thanks, Joanna.


Anyways, I hate to start this post off on a bad note, but Vegemite is exactly what Masque Vivant smells like. While applying this super thick and goopy paste to my face, I was immediately brought back to my high school days. Yes, it does absolutely stink (Jordan was across the room and said YOU STINK), however, you sort of get used to the smell, and really, it’s all worth it because it WORKS.


When I had my Biologique Recherche facial back in March, my facialist, Ellis, mixed this mask with the Masque VIP O2, as per Dr. Allouche’s recommendation. I have not, however, repeated this (purely because I do not feel like dropping $140 on two face masks at once), but I mix the Vivant with a pinch of baking soda and a few drops of water for blackhead removal abilities.


So, in true BR style, being the Hermès of skincare and all, this mask isn’t cheap. It’s $77, but it works. And for me, right now, I am so frustrated with my skin, that it’s OK. I’m still on the Differin, and it feels like I am in a constant state of ‘purging’ which is really frustrating. I just needed something to help with my constant breakouts.


This mask purifies the face, leaving it super clean. First I double cleanse, follow up with P50W (just use your exfoliating toner), the smooth on the foamy brown paste. After application, leave it alone for 20 minutes or so, and it hardens but does not pull on the face, crack or leave skin feeling tight or dry. Yes, you will look semi-terrifying and sort of look like you have leprosy as the baking soda bubbles, but you definitely see results the next morning–the redness had pretty much gone, skin is more refined, and pimples have significantly reduced in size. Skin is more clear and glowing, and all the little bumps under my skin are clearing up (!!).


Since I’ve been so fed up with my face, I used it 4 or 5 times in the first week, but after that I’ve continued with 2 or 3 times a week. After removal, I apply the Differin, and then a moisturizing mask (really liking Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Night Spa).


Biologique Recherche products can be found in Canada at:


One to One Studio (Toronto) 


Biologique Recherche

This Wednesday March 5’th Dr. Phillipe Allouche, Director of Research and Development and CEO Pierre-Louis Delapalme will be in store to join us for the official launch of their famed skincare line Biologique Recherche.  Along with Beauty Next Group and a selection of VIP clients Dr. Allouche and Mr. Delapalme will be taking interviews and discussions with members of the beauty media who experienced treatments with us, earlier in the month.


Biologique Recherche is a cult classic, an exclusive French skincare line with over 35 years experience in developing the most powerful and effective skincare products in the beauty industry. P50, the secret weapon in their cachet of serums, boosts the essential line which uses a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.


One-One Studio is excited to be the only spa in Ontario to offer this exclusive line to our clients.  Biologique Recherche is so incredible, clients fly into Paris from all over the world just to meet Dr. Allouche and have him be ‘the carpenter’ of their skin.


Take a look what Town & Country Magazine has to say about this fabulous line!


Vanilla – an antioxidant that calms and relaxes is also known to be an aphrodisiac. When you use this bar you’ll know why! With the colour and texture of chocolate and the creamy scent of vanilla, this bar is the ultimate in a luxury soap.

Salon does it its own way

By Ann Ruppenstein

February 13, 2013

Neighbourhoods: Cedarvale

Originally published in our Forest Hill print edition(s).

Davide Palmieri, left, and Kiril Mumdjiev at their One2One Studio.

Growing up in communist Bulgaria Kiril Mumdjiev got his start in the hair industry when he was 15 years old. Before settling in Toronto, he worked in South Africa and Vancouver, honing his skills in television and pageants.

“I worked on Miss Universe as well, we used to do all those beauty pageants and it’s actually lot of fun,” he says from the newly opened One2One Studio on Eglinton Avenue W. near Avenue Road. “We traveled around, always very exotic places. There was quite a bit of changes in South Africa, politically and economically, so I decided to move and I really liked Canada.”

Once in Toronto, Mumdjiev spent a year at Civello before taking on a 12-year stint at Holts Salon and Spa, where he met his business partner and co-owner of the studio, Davide Palmieri.

Palmieri grew up helping out at his father’s hair salon and by the age of 17 had already acquired his hairdresser’s license. At 21, he went to study and work in Rome to expand his knowledge and experience. After working at various salons upon returning to Toronto, he most recently was at Holt Renfrew for 15 years, 13 of which were spent managing the salon and spa.

“We did everyone from young and old, there’s a lot of star power, there’s a lot of influential people that go there and it’s a great clientele, they’re great people,” says Palmieri, who garnered a-list celebrities, CEO’s, producers and Olympic athletes as clients. “I got into management because I wanted to do things my way and it’s very hard to do things your way if you don’t own your own salon and you don’t have the power to make changes, which is another reason why I wanted my own thing.”

In addition to winning many colour technique awards during his tenure, Palmieri also led the team through the makeovers on the second season of Canada Next Top Model.

As for the name of the studio, it was actually inspired by a box of hair colour but also symbolizes their partnership, they say.
“It says one to one on the boxes, which means equal parts because it’s one part colour, one part developer,” says Mumdjiev, who says he enjoys working with his actresses clients to create looks for the roles they’re taking on. “So we’re equal but as well when we are with the clients we are one to one, it’s me and you. We interact and we’re creating something together, consulting, finding out what you’d like so it’s one to one.”

After working at Yonge and Bloor for over a decade they weren’t initially thinking of moving as far north to open their studio but were sold on the space after one visit.

While Palmieri specializes in colour, and studied with renowned colourists like Louise and Daniel Galvin, Mumdjiev does styling, colour, cutting and makeup services.

One2One Studio, which opened in October, will be launching their spa level this month, which includes facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages and Microdermabrasion.

Although things are now running smoothly, they admit their chairs, which massage customers while they get their hair washed, were still in boxes the night before their soft opening.

“People are so fantastic in this area like not only the customers but also the store owners,” Palmieri says. “It’s nice to have a sense of community in the city because you don’t get that a little bit further down. Everyone’s so busy and that’s what I expected because that’s what I was used to. I was really shocked and taken aback about how welcoming and nice the community is, the people are, our neighbours, it’s been a joyful surprise.”

“When we opened a lot of owners from restaurants and stores, they all came in and said welcome to the neighbourhood,” Mumdjiev adds.