Introducing a world where the focus is on you.

Whether you’re tucked away in the simple surroundings of the main floor Hair Studio or the serene atmosphere of The One Spa, your experience is executed by a unique service of knowing hands, thoughtful attention and sophisticated luxury.

Offering a full selection of salon and spa services, One2One Studio elevates personal grooming and body renewal to an uncompromising level. Where intimacy and excellence are met with forefront techniques and product lines to orchestrate a genuine moment just for you. Welcome.

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Born into Communist Bulgaria, Kiril’s ambition was always greater than the country would allow. Escaping to Canada via South Africa, Kiril has a love for all things of beauty. Having worked at Suki’s in Vancouver, Kiril moved to Toronto to work for Ray Civello and moved to Holts Hair After 12 years of working at Holts and winning numerous awards, Kiril decided it was time to make his mark on the world and open his own Salon/Spa and One2One Studio was created. Kiril’s belief of servicing his clients with undivided attention and giving them trend setting looks, was now a reality.

One-One Studio has a client list that is the envy of every Stylist out there. From magazine covers, to developing looks for movie stars (names who Kiril refuses to share as he feels his relationship with his clients roots is a private one), Kiril and (by extension) One-One Studio has become the talk of the town and is making Eglinton West the Rodeo Drive of Canada. Sharing the street with Helmut Lang, TNT, Organic Bakeries, and other privately owned boutiques puts One – One Studio on the precipice of something new, exciting, and noteworthy. Kiril is proud that One-One Studio is a Salon/Spa of beauty and comfort, the likes of, have not been seen in Canada.




Davide Palmieri grew up in hair. At the age of nine years old, He was washing at the sink and sweeping the floors of his Father’s hair salon. By the age of seventeen he had acquired His hairdresser’s license and was fast off to work. Seeking a higher skill set, in his early twenties Davide left for Italy where he studied and worked in Rome, Italy where the European style esthetic and standard for customer service left a lasting impression on him. Once he had put those skills to use in various salons across the city, Davide made a career move to Holt Renfrew Hair Salon where he apprenticed under Louise Galvin and mastered the fine colour technique of London’s famed Daniel Galvin. For fifteen years Davide built up a who’s who for his clientele; from A-listers celebrities to CEO’s to producers and Olympic athletes. While at Holt’s Davide managed both the salon and spa for thirteen years, won numerous color technique awards throughout North America and yearly fiscal awards for top earner within the company. He has been mentioned notably in various industry and top style magazines and took pride in leading his team at Holts for the makeover session of Season Two’s Canada’s Top Model. Creating One2One Studio is a lifelong dream come true for Davide who looks forward to building an atmosphere of comfortable luxury where the client feels at home and special all at one time.